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Michael Thompson

  • Loving Personality
  • Uncompromising Word of God
  • Several Ministries
  • Beautiful Family


About Our Pastor

Rev. Michael D. Thompson’s loving personality and explosive preaching ability of the uncompromising Word of God has drawn many people to the body of Christ for the past 15 years.

Although he has had many trials as Pastor, his love for the Word as well as the people has caused him to emerge as one of the influential spiritual leaders of his community. As Pastor of the Saint James Missionary Baptist Church, he has a greater vision to expand his ministry through evangelism. For he believes that As We Go - We Grow.

Pastor Thompson was born in Palestine, Texas

. . . to Brenda Thompson and Isaiah Williams, Jr. He was blessed to be raised for 14 years by his grandfather and grandmother, the late Edward and Thelma Thompson where he was drug to church to learn the ways of Jesus.

He grew up as a Pentecostal kid where he experienced so many wonderful works of the power of God. Souls were saved and sick people totally healed. Deliverance of all kinds. Under the leadership of the late Marvin and Norma Clewis, his pastor and wife at the First Alpha and Omega Apostolic Church, he was a musician where he played the lead guitar at the age of 7-19. Sitting under such strong teaching from his Pastor and First Lady, he had a strong desire for the Word of God. He accepted the call to preach at 14 years old and was allowed to preach his first sermon. He became youth leader to over 30 children at that time. Although he had no seminary degree, God used this young man in many capacities.


He married the lovely Andrea Arthur who was a member of the same church. And as he would say, “Oh what a blessing to him she is.”

To this union were three children born. Christopher, Shundrea, and Tre’Darion Thompson of which he is very proud to be their father. They moved their membership to New Life Seventh Day Adventist Church in Palestine where Pastor Michael Mitchell was their pastor. Under his leadership, they were blessed to attend many seminars that were very inspiring but more so - informing. Pastor Thompson served as Youth Director as well as a Youth Elder and worked with the Stewardship Committee at New Life. At the age of 24, God called for his ministry to go further. He became Pastor of St. James Missionary Baptist Church of Elkhart Texas as well as Ebenezer Baptist Church of Tucker Texas - both in the year 2000. Both churches were bi-weekly churches. He served the Ebenezer Baptist Church for 8 years and went on to take the St. James Churchas as Pastor every Sunday.

Several ministries are born under his leadership.

He has vision to build a new edifice in which to worship for the St. James Church as God is growing the ministry. The church is located in what Pastor says, “the woods.” But he always says as well, “That there is something Good in the Wood’s.” And because we are a church that is Alove and have things to offer to the body of Christ as well as the people in this world, his motto has been for us “The Drive to Something Alive is Well Worth it.”

Pastor Thompson serves as the 2nd Vice President to the Palestine Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance where Pastor Dwayne Moffitt serves as President. He is also part of the Palestine Bowen District Association where Pastor James Bass serves as the Moderator. He attended the Living Word Bible College under Professor A.V. Hicks. His will to learn and eagerness to grow has led to several conferences and making plans to enroll in seminary.

Pastor Thompson’s love of preaching and his energy in his delivery of the Word has some calling him “The fireball of preachers.”

Please pray for him as he endeavors to do what God has called for him.

Several Ministries